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Вариант 1. I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные формы:             The gardener…

Вариант 1.

I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные формы:

            The gardener plants beautiful flowers.


II. Употребите правильную видовременную форму глагола в Passive Voice:

  1. Bread (to bake) from flour, yeast and water.
  2. His cow (to feed) properly, that’s why it didn’t produce a large supple of rich milk.
  3. Many cats and dogs (to take) away from their owners in the UK recently because of bad care.
  4. The dog (to operate) on when the vet heard some noise in the reception.
  5. Contour plowing (to use) soon to prevent soil erosion.
  6. Some rare flowers (to grow) in this region for many years.
  7. I knew that the cable (to hand) to the man by the electrician.


III. Преобразуйте действительную конструкцию в страдательную:

  1. Farmers breed dairy cows for milk.
  2. Many beekeepers have lost their bees because of the parasitic mite Varroa.
  3. You will always have honey on your table if you start keeping bees.
  4. Lightning performs some very useful services for a mankind.
  5. He is distributing fertilizers now.
  6. They paid all the foreign workers in local currency.
  7. The use of farm machines will have decreased the amount of human labour by the end of the year.


IV. Поставьте вопросы всех типов к данным предложениям:

  1. Most cereals are harvested by using a combine.
  2. During the 18th century farming was transformed by an agricultural revolution.
  3. His dog has been overfed with junk food.
  4. The issue of alternative energy sources is being studied by this Research Institute now.


V. Переведите на английский язык, используя различные видовременные формы глагола (Active, Passive):

  1. В течение жизни корова будет давать много молока.
  2. Люди едят молочные продукты каждый день
  3. В местной булочной продается хлеб, приготовленный вручную.
  4. Эти животные были вакцинированы от многих болезней.
  5. Чем занимается профессиональный лесник?
  6. В исследовании отмечено, что в подобный анализ была включена теория спроса и предложения.
  7. В Соединенных Штатах электрики делятся на две основные категории.


VI. Работа с текстом:

(a) прочитайте и переведите текст письменно на русский язык;


The mower

The first thing about a mower is to ensure that the cutter bar is aligned so that there is no side strain on the connecting rod.

To cut properly, the knife should travel backwards and forwards so that the sections stop and start in the centres of the fingers of guards. Check this by moving the connecting rod attached to the knife and crankpin, through its outward and inward strokesˡ. If the knife sections fail to travel over the required area2, the cause could be that the connecting rod is too long or too short, or that the cutter bar is incorrectly mounted.

Most mowers incorporate a screw adjustment that permits the cutter bar to be moved to or from the mower but before making this adjustment, make quite sure that the connecting rod is the correct length. If a rod has been repaired by welding, its length may have been upset. A wooden rod may have been repaired with the wrong length of wood. Or it may be that the original rod has been replaced by one that is identical in all but length.

No one needs to be told that the knife sections should be sharp, but many people do not realize that these sections are only half the cutting mechanism. The other hall is provided by the sides of the fingers or guards over which the sections travel. If these sides are blunt, the effect will be the same as trying to cut with scissors possessing one sharp and one blunt edge. The cutting sides of the fingers are either integral part of 3 the fingers or else formed by a ledger plate riveted on. If the ledger plate is serrated, it must be renewed when blunt, but if it is smooth it can be ground sharp in the same way usually necessary to remove the fingers before they could he sharpened, but the advent of the portable disc grinder has made it possible for the fingers to be ground in place. One of the snags of removing the fingers is the difficulty of getting them lined up4 correctly when refitting them and, for this reason alone, the use of the portable grinder is to be preferred.



ˡ through its outward and inward strokes – проверив его возвратно-поступательное


2fail to travel – не двигаются

3are integral parts of – составляют единое целое

4getting them lined up – выравнивая их


(b) составьте глоссарий (13-15 слов или словосочетаний терминологического характера с их значениями);

(с) поставьте 3-4 вопроса к тексту, раскрывающих его содержание.


VII. Найдите статью из интернет-газеты “The Daily Telegraph” (http: // telegraph.co. uk.) объемом в 2000 печ. знаков и переведите его письменно на русский язык.

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