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Вариант 4. I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные…

Вариант 4.

I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные формы:

               The gardener plants beautiful flowers.


II. Употребите правильную видовременную форму глагола в Passive Voice:

  1. Bread (to bake) from flour, yeast and water.
  2. His cow (to feed) properly, that’s why it didn’t produce a large supple of rich milk.
  3. Many cats and dogs (to take) away from their owners in the UK recently because of bad care.
  4. The dog (to operate) on when the vet heard some noise in the reception.
  5. Contour plowing (to use) soon to prevent soil erosion.
  6. Some rare flowers (to grow) in this region for many years.
  7. I knew that the cable (to hand) to the man by the electrician.


III. Преобразуйте действительную конструкцию в страдательную:

Farmers breed dairy cows for milk.

Many beekeepers have lost their bees because of the parasitic mite Varroa.

You will always have honey on your table if you start keeping bees.

Lightning performs some very useful services for a mankind.

He is distributing fertilizers now.

They paid all the foreign workers in local currency.

The use of farm machines will have decreased the amount of human labour by the end of the year.


IV. Поставьте вопросы всех типов к данным предложениям:

  1. Most cereals are harvested by using a combine.
  2. During the 18th century farming was transformed by an agricultural revolution.
  3. His dog has been overfed with junk food.
  4. The issue of alternative energy sources is being studied by this Research Institute now.


V. Переведите на английский язык, используя различные видовременные формы глагола (Active, Passive):

  1. В течение жизни корова будет давать много молока.
  2. Люди едят молочные продукты каждый день
  3. В местной булочной продается хлеб, приготовленный вручную.
  4. Эти животные были вакцинированы от многих болезней.
  5. Чем занимается профессиональный лесник?
  6. В исследовании отмечено, что в подобный анализ была включена теория спроса и предложения.
  7. В Соединенных Штатах электрики делятся на две основные категории.


VI. Работа с текстом:

(a) прочитайте и переведите текст письменно на русский язык;

New combine harvesters

A. A New Combine with a 6-ft. Cut. A small self-propelled combine has been designed. The new machine is extremely maneuverable, having an overall width of 7 ft. 7 in. and weighing 34 ts. It is low builtˡ, height 8 ft. 3 in. and has a turning radius of 14 ft. It has a 6 ft. width of cut.

Power is supplied by the 4 cyl. 1500 c.c. engine, which develops 23,5 b.h.p. at 2,400 r.p.m. The drive is taken to the gearbox by V-belt through a conventional variable speed arrangement. The gearbox has three forward and one reverse speeds, and the variable speed drive gives a choice of 11 speeds in each gear, giving a total of 33 speeds.

The differential is built into the gearbox, and drive to the land wheels is through the gearbox centre shaft to internal gears in the wheels.

In testing the improved design has proved that increased capacity and control is provided even when the crop is partly matted with wet weeds and mud.

The feeder, from table to cylinder, has been radically altered in design from the conventional vertical elevator and many working parts are dispensed with. No chains or sprockets come into contact with the crop, and feeding is progressively controlled by two rotary drum conveyors.

The thin steel wire concave is believed to give maximum threshing at the cylinder, reducing grain damage.

The steering wheel is conveniently situated and operates through an automotive type steering linkage, the axle being fully articulated to allow easy travelling over rough ground2 without strain on the chassis.

B. New Combine Harvesters. Combine harvesters and grain-drying and storage equipment were in great demand at the show (in 1957). Despite the progress which has been made in the mechanization of the grain harvest in the past ten years, there still is need for considerable work.

Two new combines which created a lot of interest were the new Ransomes 12-ft. cut self-propelled machine and the 7-ft. cut Class Huckopack.3

The outstanding feature of the Class Huckopack is that it is carried on a power-frame tractor which can be removed and used as a general-purpose implement carrier. The combine is powered by a two-cylinder petrol engine and the carrier by a single-cylinder Diesel. The reel and platform of the combine are controlled by a hydraulic system, which can be applied to other implements used with the tractor.

The Ferguson3 tractor-mounted combine was not shown. Two new self-propelled combines which were not shown are expected to be available for this year’s harvest. One of them has a 6-ft. cut and 3-ft. 3-in. cylinder, the other has a 7-ft. 6-in. cut and a 4-ft. cylinder, and is powered by a David Brown Diesel4.



ˡ low built – низко поставленный, с малым дорожным просветом

2 rough ground – неровный рельеф, неровная поверхность почвы

3 Ransomes, Class Huckopack, Ferguson – марки комбайнов

4 David Grown Diesel engine – дизельный двигатель марки Дэвид Браун


(b) составьте глоссарий (13-15 слов или словосочетаний терминологического характера с их значениями);

(с) поставьте 3-4 вопроса к тексту, раскрывающих его содержание.


VII. Найдите статью из интернет-газеты “The Daily Telegraph” (http: // telegraph.co. uk.) объемом в 2000 печ. знаков и переведите его письменно на русский язык.


VIII. Подготовьте устное сообщение о своей будущей специальности.

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