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Вариант 2. I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные формы:           …

Вариант 2.

I. Поставьте данное предложение во все существующие видовременные формы:

                 The gardener plants beautiful flowers.


II. Употребите правильную видовременную форму глагола в Passive Voice:

  1. Bread (to bake) from flour, yeast and water.
  2. His cow (to feed) properly, that’s why it didn’t produce a large supple of rich milk.
  3. Many cats and dogs (to take) away from their owners in the UK recently because of bad care.
  4. The dog (to operate) on when the vet heard some noise in the reception.
  5. Contour plowing (to use) soon to prevent soil erosion.
  6. Some rare flowers (to grow) in this region for many years.
  7. I knew that the cable (to hand) to the man by the electrician.


III. Преобразуйте действительную конструкцию в страдательную:

  1. Farmers breed dairy cows for milk.
  2. Many beekeepers have lost their bees because of the parasitic mite Varroa.
  3. You will always have honey on your table if you start keeping bees.
  4. Lightning performs some very useful services for a mankind.
  5. He is distributing fertilizers now.
  6. They paid all the foreign workers in local currency.
  7. The use of farm machines will have decreased the amount of human labour by the end of the year.


IV. Поставьте вопросы всех типов к данным предложениям:

  1. Most cereals are harvested by using a combine.
  2. During the 18th century farming was transformed by an agricultural revolution.
  3. His dog has been overfed with junk food.
  4. The issue of alternative energy sources is being studied by this Research Institute now.


V. Переведите на английский язык, используя различные видовременные формы глагола (Active, Passive):

  1. В течение жизни корова будет давать много молока.
  2. Люди едят молочные продукты каждый день
  3. В местной булочной продается хлеб, приготовленный вручную.
  4. Эти животные были вакцинированы от многих болезней.
  5. Чем занимается профессиональный лесник?
  6. В исследовании отмечено, что в подобный анализ была включена теория спроса и предложения.
  7. В Соединенных Штатах электрики делятся на две основные категории.


VI. Работа с текстом:

(a) прочитайте и переведите текст письменно на русский язык;

Mechanizing the Hill Farm

1. Diesel Tractors. The hill lands of Britain are now beginning to use farm machinery. The tractor fleet had grown to five up to a short time ago, comprising three v.o. Fordson Majors,1 one with half tracks, a petrol-driven Ferguson1 and an early Diesel-engined track-layer. This combination proved uneconomical since the tractors could not be kept fully

occupied and used three different kinds of fuel. The three Fordsons were replaced by a Fordson Major Diesel and the petrol-engined Ferguson exchanged for a Diesel model; these three tractors, properly managed2 can cope all the farm’s requirements.

The tracklayer is the mainstay as regards cultivations. With a 4-furrow plough it is invaluable on the sloping ground, some of which is so steep that it has to be worked one way only. The tracklayer is also generally used for cultivating and seeding. The tracks were not renewed until they had done three years’ service, working well over 1,000 hours a year. The Fordson helps out with a mounted 3-furrow plough and the Ferguson with a 2-furrow.

2. Speeding the Harvest. This year, for the first time, a combine was used there. The oats were gathered by binder and put up into the traditional small stacks: the season being wet, the stacks were built over tripods. A Ransomes3 4-ft. cut combine was used for the barley and proved very effective. It was hauled by the small tractor. And put up as good a performance as a larger machine, which helped it out. A pick-up baler was used for the straw. The form a mobile and easily set- up outfit. Trouble has been experienced with the baler’s petrol engine, however, and it is hoped to convert it to power take-off drive.

Carting home bales, often a considerable distance on the 4-mile long farm, is speeded up by the use of big 4-wheel trailers. Their ample capacity, large tyres and efficient brakes make them extremely useful m this type of country.

3. Baled Silage. A pick-Lip baler is used for silage. One of the farmers baled about 75 tons in 1954, mainly a beans-oats-barley mixture, in bales weighing about 56 lb. Nothing was added to tile silo; the bales were merely packed carefully and consolidated by tractors each night. The quality of the silage appears to be quite good. The bales were never allowed to touch the ground, but were stacked direct on specially-made 2-wheeled, low-loading trailers with a capacity of 2 tons.



1Fordson Majors, Ferguson – марки тракторов

2properly managed – при надлежащем уходе

3Ransomes – марка комбайна


(b) составьте глоссарий (13-15 слов или словосочетаний терминологического характера с их значениями);

(с) поставьте 3-4 вопроса к тексту, раскрывающих его содержание.


VII. Найдите статью из интернет-газеты “The Daily Telegraph” (http: // telegraph.co. uk.) объемом в 2000 печ. знаков и переведите его письменно на русский язык.

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